I currnetly pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech. I'm a member of the MÄ€RGA Lab under the dirction of Prof. Karthikeyan Sundaresan.

Perviously I completed my Master's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Southern Methodist University. My advisors were Dinesh Rajan and Joe Camp.

My current research interests are in wireless systems, machine learning, and information theory. I have undergraduate degrees from SMU in EE, Math, and Music. I'm originally from Little Rock, Akansas. Outside of research I enjoy watching and playing live music, watching and playing sports, and exploring the great outdoors.


Dec. 2023:

Our papers "Online Radio Environment Map Creation via UAV Vision for Aerial Networks" and "Scalable Network Tomography for Dynamic Spectrum Access" were accepted to IEEE Infocom 2024!

Dec. 2022:

Our papers "Design and Analysis of Neural-Network-based, Single-User Codes for Multiuser Channels" and "Effect of Antenna Orientation and UAV Position on UAV Communications in 3D Space" were accepted and presented at IEEE Latincom 2022. The UAV paper was winner of Best Paper!